A Great Time At The Rock Inn

Right Side Up wear their most gawdy shirts yet.

We had a great time at the Rock Inn in Lake Hughes last Saturday.  The drive up was easy as we went the long way around, through Palmdale and then up Lake Elizabeth Road.  I don’t mind the San Francisquito drive but it does take more energy, especially with the car full of gear.

You have to love the shirts we all ended up wearing !

It was great, we arrived and got setup with 10 minutes to chill before starting.  Arthur arrived on time, well, early for Arthur, after having to make the drive himself because he missed the bus, and the fans – Aurora (#1 fan) and Phyllis, Sue Gordon and Maria Enos were all there for the start, as was Don the engineer / Harley rider that Dan met when he played his first acoustic gig there.  We were set !

We ran through our repertoire with a few new additions.  Sometime towards the end of the second set, or early in the third set, a group of 20 somethings, camp counselors, arrived and they lifted the energy level, not that we were short on energy with a number of Harley riders dancing up a storm.

During the third set I introduced Aurora to Don and it turned out that Don had taken a photo of the sign on Aurora’s office – The Honest Lawyer – and put it on his Facebook page and sent it to a number of his lawyer friends.  Isn’t that incredible for serendipity / coincidence ?  I think so.

Well, next up for Right Side Up is the Wolf Creek Brewing tasting room on Rye Canyon Loop on the 14th.  In the meantime Dan will be playing an acoustic gig on Sunday afternoon up at The Rock Inn and I will be playing with the NewNaz worship team over in Towsely Canyon on the Old Road in Calgrove on the 7th.  Dan’s gig starts at 1:00 p.m., mine at 6:00 p.m.

Support your local starving musician !

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