Back In The Day

Back in the day, we were all going to be rock stars.  Yep, you, me and everyone else I knew. We figured we’d be rock stars and, worst case, we could make a living busking on the corner, or songwriting.  One of the great things about song writing  is that, if you can write relevant lyrics, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

Here is a picture of three rock stars and one person who thought they were going to be a rock star and ended up living the clean life (ha ha).

I’ll let you decide if being a rock star was worth while.


Anyway, back in the day, each of us in Right Side Up did our own thing in our own way.  My first band I was 17 and been playing the guitar for a grand total of 2 years.  My second band I was eighteen and had decided to switch to bass not because I wanted to play bass particularly but I could tell my brother at that point was ahead of me on guitar.  OK, he also had the ego to go with a lead guitar player.

Time passes.  I moved to England and joined a trio there to play clubs and pubs.

Dan, Right Side Up music director, lead guitarist, lead vocalist and all around musician, decided early on that music was his life.  A stint playing clubs, casinos, President of the American Songwriters Academy and a number of other accomplishments find him in the music publishing business and ultimately…Right Side Up !  You can read more about Dan, an impressive musical bio, at

Then there’s Pete “Snappy” Smith.  25 years a profession drummer.  Co-wrote with Redbone, among others.  Has qualifications including big band arranging, composing, appears on numerous recordings and you can find him on YouTube.

That’s a quick summary of who we are.  Good musicians with great tone and a really full sound.  As one fan put it:

we’d like to get out and see Right Side Up again. You guys are the hottest act in town. It’s awesome.
DB.  Ex Tonight Show Producer


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