Men’s Night at The Agua Dulce Women’s Club

Hi all.  Right Side Up will be providing the musical entertainment at this year’s Men’s Night at the Agua Dulce Women’s Club.

This is a great night of good food, good people, lots of libations, dancing, raffles for firearms and associated paraphernalia and basically good men’s stuff !

So come out and join us.  You can get more details at  Entry tickets are $10 and dinner tickets are an additional $15.  Tickets are limited so please get your tickets early !

Too often, men find themselves at fundraisers where there are umpteen ladies baskets, all very nice mind you, that you can silent auction for.  This is very much a men’s night with raffles for firearms, or, as the ADWC flyer puts it:

(Real) man themed night with Guns, Knives, Booze and Bar tabs.

So come out and join us.  While this is not a circus, nor for the benefit of Mr. Kite, a fun time is guaranteed for all !

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