Movin’ On

It’s a great song by Bad Company and a newer song by Rascal Flatts.  I guess if it’s a good hook, it’s a good hook.

In our case, it’s a time in the life of Right Side Up movin’ on.

IMG_2455As you are all aware, Paul Stillman has been the awesome drummer for Right Side Up since founding – actually rushing to put a band together for New Years Eve 2014.  With about 3 weeks to go before New Years Eve a mutual friend – Art Dyer of Ar Dyer Electric – persuaded Paul, recently returned to Valencia from up North – to come and join Dan and I as Right Side Up.

Paul fit right in.  Great drumming, great vocals and all around nice guy.


The Bad News !

Then came Paul moving to Calabasas.  OK, it’s not that far, but it is 45 minutes and there just isn’t enough money in local bands to warrant an hour and a half driving to rehearse and then – with some exceptions – you get dinner, a couple of beers (Paul doesn’t drink) and tips for 3 hours of playing.  Not that Paul was complaining, or the band, but simple economics makes it a tough thing to do.

The Good News !

peter-smith-pocockHello Peter Smith !  Peter is a professional drummer and all around excellent musician.  Peter came to see Aurora’s office and then to the July 4th party.  Since then he has played with us a couple of times and picked up almost everything Paul sang.

So, as of November the 19th, Peter will be the Right Side Up regular drummer – he lives in Valencia – and will be singing Paul’s parts and perhaps some lead vocals.

But, it’s not a total goodbye to Paul.  As with most part-time bands, we are all busy and we expect there will be times when Peter is not available.  Paul has graciously agreed to be backup should Peter not be able to make a gig.

So…do come out this Saturday to the Wolf Creek Brewing tasting room on Rye Canyon Loop (in Mann Biomedical Park up behind the big Walmart on Newhall Ranch Road) where there will be a fantastic car show, food and of course Wolf Creek brews.  We’ll be performing from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

See you there !


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