New Year’s Eve Was A Blast !

New Year's Eve 2014 - Vincenzos Newhall

For a moment there we were concerned about being able to play 4 hours straight but as it turned out everything went extremely well and a great time was had by everybody.

With attendance over 150 for the night we celebrated a New York New Year at 9:00 p.m. for those old enough to want to go home early.  We had the awesome pleasure of then performing for another three hours until 12:00 when we celebrated the New Year with champagne kindly provided free by Steve Katz, the new owner.

After a short Auld Lang Syne with everybody joining in and singing along we went right back to such dance-able classics like Mony Mony before wrapping it up at 12:30 and sending everyone home.

Nothing but great comments and we have the photos to prove it.  Here is one photo of the evening and we’ll post more as we can.

New Year's Eve 2014 - Vincenzos Newhall
New Year’s Eve 2014

Thanks to everyone who came, we are looking forward to New Years Eve 2015 !

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