Persia Lounge Saturday Was FUN

We had a great time at the Persia Lounge in Newhall last Saturday.  Over 60 people attended, the food was great, the acoustics were excellent making for an awesome evening of dinner, dancing and generally just awesome.

Homayoun and his staff did an excellent job of making everyone comfortable and taking care of their needs.  Thank you to them and to everyone who came and for the tips !  We are booked in again for February the 27th.

Here are some photos of the band.  Others have posted photos on Faceboook and there are some video clips that sound pretty good up on Facebook as well.  These are all taken by the best sweetie pie ever, Aurora with her trusty Samsung 6 Edge phone (as we forgot to take the camera).

Extra special thanks to Art for doing the sound and to Watt for helping with the setup !  You guys are great friends !

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