RSU Entertained at Persia Lounge !

Right Side Up entertained at Persia Lounge on Saturday night and it was a great success !  We had a whole bunch of friends come and enjoy the food and the music, there was dancing all over the place.  What a great evening for everyone concerned.  Thanks to Art for doing the sound, Kevin and Chuck for helping Art when the mixer wouldn’t cooperate.

Dave Pierce sat in on a couple of bluesy tunes with his harmonica and the effervescent Jeff Stillman stood, walked, crawled and rolled in for a few on second guitar – there is just no way you could say he ‘sat’ in.

Homayoun, owner of the Persia Lounge is such a great guy and his staff are wonderful, as is the food.  I know there are video clips on Facebook.  Here we have a few excellent photos taken by the lovely Aurora, journalist / historian / RSU biographer of record (and of course my better half) !

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