September Update

Hi all.  Just a quick September update to let you know we are still rehearsing, looking for more venues and have some gigs coming up.

I went over to Valencia Wine a couple of weeks ago to see the Snare Heads play.  Billy Davis – keyboard player for Snare Heads – put in a word with Guy the owner to see if we can get booked there.  It’s a great little wine bar down in Valencia Town Center mall.  They have great music and a great vibe there.   Even the canned music they play is along the lines of RSU’s repertoire so we should fit right in.

Last weekend we took the weekend off and we went to Yosemite for a wine tasting / musical event.  I sat in on bass with Tom Alfera, Dave Pierce, Sandra and Tony to run off some of Tom’s songs.  The very lovely love of my life Aurora was on hand to take loads of great photos (see below).  I also did a few of my own songs although I got some strange looks about The Owl and The Pussy Cat.  I always explain that it’s a children’s nonsense poem from the 1800s but I think some people don’t believe me.  Well, the food was great and, best of all, no having to setup equipment, just plug in and play !

Last Friday – while we were in Yosemite – Dan was up at The Rock Inn in Lake Hughes (sorry, no photos).  That is such a great place to play.  We’ll be back there as a band on October the 8th.  In the meantime we are playing a couple of private events and at Persia Lounge in downtown Newhall on September 10th.  Come out and enjoy good food, good music and great friends.

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