Who We Are

Right Side Up is a rocking trio that plays classic rock classics from the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Mellencamp and Cream to Cheap Trick and The James Gang  with a smattering of Eric Clapton and other blues like Bonnie Raitt.  We’ve even been known to play Kenny Loggins, Billy Ray Cyrus, Van Morrison and Reba McIntyre !

The band comprises:

Dan Kirkpatrick on guitar and vocals.  Follow this link for Dan’s biography.

Peter Smith on drums and vocals.  Follow this link for Peter’s biography and look him up on YouTube, he’s Peter Snappy Smith.

Robert Heller on bass, vocals and a very small harmonica.  Follow this link for Robert’s biography.

We will post biographies as soon as we can but suffice to say all three of us are seasoned veterans.

Why Right Side Up ?

Back where I grew up we had our own colloquial (slang) way of saying things.  One of those terms was ‘right side up’.  In normal circumstances the term ‘this way up’ indicated which way up a box, or other item, should be placed for it to be ‘normal’, ‘safe’ or operate correctly.

So, if things were copacetic – i.e. proper – they would then naturally be ‘right side up’.  That’s us, we’re very proper,  cool and groovy, satisfactory, very normal and always Right Side Up.

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